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Die fünfzehnjährige Tina hat einen Alptraum und wird von einem Mann mit Fingernägeln aus Stahl durch den Keller gehetzt. Am nächsten Morgen erfährt sie, dass ihre Freundin Nancy den gleichen Traum hatte. Als Tina in der folgenden Nacht. Die Filmreihe Nightmare [ˈnaɪtmɛɹ] (dt. „Albtraum“) bzw. A Nightmare on Elm Street (Originaltitel) ist eine populäre Horrorfilm-Reihe um einen Serienmörder. A Nightmare on Elm Street steht für: Originaltitel einer Horrorfilm-Reihe, siehe Nightmare · A Nightmare on Elm Street (). Dies ist eine Begriffsklärungsseite​. Du hast den Überblick verloren? Wir verraten dir welche Filme zur Filmreihe Nightmare on Elm Street gehören und vielleicht noch geplant sind. "Nightmare on Elm Street" ist ein weiterer Kulthorrorfilm aus den 80ern, welchem zahlreiche Fortsetzungen folgten. Freddy Krueger ist neben Michael Myers und.

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Die Nightmare on Elm Street Reihe. Ranking nach eigenem Ermessen. 10 Einträge | 0 Abonnenten. Trailer. Könnte es daher bald auch zu einem „Nightmare On Elm Street“-Revival kommen? Heather Langenkamp und Robert Englund, die Stars des. - Kaufen Sie Nightmare on Elm Street 7 - Freddy's New Nightmare günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden. Produktions-Format. Mehr erfahren. Er antwortete, dass er eher article source Letzteren interessiert sei, jedoch schon mehrfach daran gescheitert sei, die Rechte zu bekommen — vielleicht fasst er also bald die zweite Option ins Auge. Die Szene, in der der erste Mord zu sehen ist, war in der 7 Sekunden längeren Version zu sehen, die es sonst offiziell nur in Deutschland auf VHS gibt. Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Der ist doch schon auch über Für mich ist die Geschichte an sich auserzählt und abgeschlossen. Nur das Wes Craven gestorben ist. Wird ein Nightmare -Film im deutschen Fernsehen ausgestrahlt, so ist er im Normalfall stark geschnitten. Die Weltpremiere fand auf den Internationalen Hofer Filmtagen statt. Wesley Strick and Check this out Heisserer. Und kaum sitzt eine Frau auf dem Regiestuhl darf Freddy nur noch männliche Opfer schlachten während die Frauen Freddy platt machen dürfen.

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Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge Nightmare on Https:// Street 5 — Das Trauma User folgen 2 Follower Lies die 11 Kritiken. Aber gerade wie man nach so einem Kultfilm wie Nightmare 1 so einen Mist drehen kann macht den Film als Trasher interesant. Auch alle anderen Gewaltszenen waren komplett unzensiert, allerdings gab es mehrere Handlungsschnitte, die schon in der den Sendern überlassenen Kopie fehlten. Ein Alptraum, von dem sie zunächst nur mit click at this page Nachthemd erwacht. Augustnach einer Neuprüfung, ungekürzt für Jugendliche ab 16 Jahren freigegeben. Nancy jedoch will das Morden nicht weiter hinnehmen und macht sich auf, die mörderische Macht dieses Wach-Traumes endlich zu brechen.

When Kristen wakes up, she goes to the bathroom, and is attacked by Freddy again, who slices her wrist with a straight razor.

Her mother believes that she is suicidal and sends her to Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital, where Kristen is placed under the care of Dr.

Neil Gordon. At the hospital, Kristen fights against the orderlies who try to sedate her because she is afraid of falling asleep.

The new intern therapist, Nancy Thompson , calms her down and earns her trust by reciting part of Freddy's nursery rhyme. Nancy is introduced to the rest of Dr.

Gordon's patients: Phillip, a habitual sleepwalker; Kincaid, a tough kid from the streets who is prone to violence; Jennifer, a hopeful television actress prone to cigarette burns; Will, who uses a wheelchair because of a prior suicide attempt; Taryn, a recovering drug addict; and Joey, the youngest, who is too traumatized to speak.

One night, Kristen is attacked in her dreams by Freddy but she unwittingly pulls Nancy into her dream; this allows both of them to escape.

Kristen reveals that she has had the ability to pull people into her dreams since she was a little girl. Over the next two nights, Freddy throws Phillip off a roof and kills Jennifer by smashing her head into a television.

In their next group session, Nancy reveals to the remaining patients that they are the last surviving children of the people who banded together and burned Krueger to death many years ago.

Both Nancy and Neil encourage them to try group hypnosis so that they can experience a shared dream and discover their dream powers.

In the dream, Joey wanders off and is captured by Freddy, leaving him comatose in the real world; Nancy and Neil are relieved of duty.

Neil is told by a nun, Sister Mary Helena, that Freddy is the son of a young nun who was accidentally locked in a room with hundreds of mental patients who raped her continually, and that the only way to stop him is to lay his bones to rest.

He and Nancy ask Nancy's father, Donald Thompson, where the bones are hidden, but he is uncooperative. Nancy rushes back to the hospital when she learns that Kristen is going to be sedated.

Neil stays behind to convince Donald to help them. Nancy and the others again engage in group hypnosis to reunite with Kristen but are all separated by Freddy.

The trio rescue Joey but are unable to defeat Freddy because he has become too powerful. Freddy senses that his remains have been found.

He takes possession of his own skeleton and kills Donald before incapacitating Neil. Freddy returns to attack the others but Joey uses his dream power voice to send him away.

Donald tells Nancy that he is crossing over but he is revealed to be Freddy in disguise. He stabs Nancy and prepares to kill Kristen when Nancy rises up and stabs him with his own glove.

Neil awakens and pushes Krueger's bones in a hole and douses them with holy water before dropping in the prayer cross, seemingly destroying Freddy.

Nancy succumbs to her wounds while Kristen holds onto her, telling to have eternal sweet dreams. At Nancy's funeral, Neil sees Sister Mary Helena again and follows her; he loses sight of her but finds a tombstone that reveals her to be Amanda Krueger, Freddy's mother.

That night, he goes to sleep with a miniature of Nancy's Elm Street house on his nightstand; he does not notice its lights turn on.

He had not wanted the original to evolve into a franchise but co-wrote the screenplay for the third installment with the intention that it would end the series.

Craven's very first concept for the film was to have Freddy Krueger invade the real world: Krueger would haunt the actors filming a new Nightmare on Elm Street sequel.

New Line Cinema rejected the metacinematic idea, but years later, Craven's concept was brought to the screen in Wes Craven's New Nightmare.

Before it was decided what script would be used for the film's story, both John Saxon and Robert Englund wrote their own scripts for a third Nightmare film; in Saxon's script called How the Nightmare on Elm Street All Began , which would have been a prequel story, Freddy would ultimately turn out to have been innocent, or at least set up for the murders by Charles Manson , who along with his followers would have been the main culprit of the murders; Freddy would be forced by the mob of angry parents to make a confession of the crimes, which would enrage them further.

After they lynch Freddy, he comes back to avenge his wrongful death by targeting the parent's children. In the script, Freddy had claimed the Elm Street house for his own in the dreamworld, setting up booby traps like Nancy did against him.

Wes Craven has said, about the direction that he and Bruce Wagner wanted to take the franchise in, that "we decided that it could no longer be one person fighting Freddy.

It had to be a group, because the souls of Freddy's victims have made Freddy stronger". Later it would be discovered that the common link between the youths was that they dreamed of Freddy Krueger.

Since suicide is a taboo social issue, the storyline was abandoned. Some aspects of the idea remained in the film. In Craven and Wagner's original script, the characters were somewhat different from what was eventually filmed.

Nancy was not a dream expert nor any kind of mental health professional. Kristen named Kirsten in this script only stayed in the institution for a short while, she had a father and her mother was named Alice.

Neil's last name was Guinness and his character was much younger. Simms' last name was Maddalena, Taryn was African-American, Joey was the one who built the model of a house and had trouble getting around although he did not use a wheelchair , and Philip was a thirteen-year-old.

Will's name was originally Laredo, he had long hair, did not use a wheelchair, and was the one who made the clay puppets.

This script also described the ranch house where Krueger was born and that is the house that shows up in the kids' dreams rather than the Elm Street house.

It is virtually a limitless world of the human psyche in all of its dimensions So you can enter this other world through the house or dreams or madness or hallucinations or special psychic states that various people have".

Contrary to the film, Donald Thompson knew from the start that Krueger was real and still alive.

Krueger was missing and Nancy wanted to find him. When she finds him, Nancy learns that Krueger is obsessed with finding the house where he was born so he could burn it down.

In the original script, there is a romance between Nancy and Neil and they have sex. There are scenes and lines that are reminiscent of the first film.

There is no mention that Krueger's mother had been a nun or that Freddy was born of rape. Both Joey and Kincaid are killed.

The deaths in this script were more grotesque; Krueger was not as talkative and he was more vulgar. Freddy is killed by Nancy by using his own glove, not by holy water, and she sees through his shapeshifting trick even though she still dies.

On Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy , director Chuck Russell states that Craven's original script was darker and more profane, while Rachel Talalay thought that the script seemed like a "20 million dollar script".

That worked and the series went in that direction from then on. One of the most memorable scenes in the film and a fan favorite [ who?

The junkyard sequence and the set itself were the product of art director Mick Strawn. Mick also handled some special effects sequences on the film, and became production designer on the sequel.

The junkyard sequence was filmed in Pacoima, California, for both films. Lisa Wilcox and Lezlie Deane , who would later be cast as Alice Johnson and Tracy respectively in the following installments, have both reported to have had auditions for roles in Dream Warriors previously.

Wagner had second thoughts about this after seeing how "She-Freddy" looked like in practice, stating that "Freddy with breasts, it was too off-kilter ".

The concept of "She-Freddy" was substituted with having the nurse shoot prehensile tongues at Joey to trap him and then be switched with Englund-Freddy.

In the shooting script, Sally Kellerman was supposed to appear on Dick Cavett 's talkshow, [21] but Cavett allegedly handpicked Zsa Zsa Gabor personally after being given the opportunity to choose who he thought should appear in his show and be slaughtered by Freddy.

According to Robert Englund, all of her reactions and dialogue were completely improvised:. The storyboards used for the shooting was supplied by Pete von Sholly.

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India: Mondo Macabro. Ziemba August 20, Alternate Versions. Rate This. Freddy Krueger returns once again to terrorize the dreams of the remaining Dream Warriors, as well as those of a young woman who may be able to defeat him for good.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985) - Full Movie Obwohl ich es so übel nicht fand Wesley Strick and Eric Heisserer. Teil auf FSK 16 herabgestuft. Aber wie click das bei Robert Englund gehen? Aktuelle Kritiken. Im Fahrwasser des Kinoerfolges wurde auch eine Nightmare-Fernsehserie produziert. Nightmare II — Die Rache Könnte es daher bald auch zu einem „Nightmare On Elm Street“-Revival kommen? Heather Langenkamp und Robert Englund, die Stars des. Die Nightmare on Elm Street Reihe. Ranking nach eigenem Ermessen. 10 Einträge | 0 Abonnenten. Trailer. Online-Shopping mit großer Auswahl im DVD & Blu-ray Shop. - Kaufen Sie Nightmare on Elm Street 7 - Freddy's New Nightmare günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden. "Orphan"-Autor David Leslie Johnson bestätigt, dass die Neuauflage von "A Nightmare on Elm Street" (leider) weiterhin auf dem Schirm des. Neil stays behind to convince Donald to learn more here. My Nightmare on Elm Street in Eventually she landed the role of Nancy Thompson after an open audition, beating out more than actresses. It is virtually a limitless world of the human psyche Firstsffair all of its dimensions As such, the book version of the story is notably different from the finished film. Book Category. The spirit of Amanda Krueger Beatrice Boepple returns, revealing that Freddy was conceived when she, a nun working in a mental asylum, was accidentally locked in a room with link maniacs" and raped "hundreds of times". Glen Lantz Charles Fleischer Learn more More Like This.